Multimedia: Internal Communications

Corporate Video
There’s something about a long-form story, told in an engaging way, with appropriate production values, that will always bring the viewer in, on a variety of emotional levels. We’re especially proud of our long history of award-winning production that does just that… be it for external or internal audiences, locally or far-flung.

Online Employee Newsletters
Today, it’s axiomatic that, in order to be effective, clear communication requires use of the appropriate medium. And, increasingly, that means on-line video. We are skilled at original production as well as reformatting of material for the medium. And we incorporate the latest feedback loops to create two-way engagement with workforces.

Web-Based Training
It’s not a long stretch from compelling content to compelling educational content, and we’ve made that leap for a number of clients. What it requires is the same drive to tell a story and engage the participant in the educational process, which is the cornerstone of what we do.

Viceoconferencing/Town Hall Meetings/Employee Broadcasts
We set up wherever and however appropriate, on-site, on-line and over the airwaves. And we adapt our storytelling capabilities in order to use the thematic approach that will create two-way or multi-point impact. We have the capability, and the experience, to provide these services from anywhere to anywhere, and to as many points that may be appropriate, in between.