Multimedia: Digital/Social Media

Social Media-Digital Broadcasting Services
A cutting-edge engagement approach, melding compelling content and pinpoint targeting to reach category thought-leaders with news they want and need, when and how they want and need it. Our pioneering approach generates no waste, no extraneous conversation; just impactful engagement with category influencers, incorporating the latest influencer analytics.

Social Media/Viral Marketing
It’s de rigeur today. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest or whatever the new new will be… we’ve either been there, are there or we’ll be there. This is the face of social media, and it either has changed, is changing or will change every business model as we know it. How to incorporate the latest and greatest, like Social Media-Digital Broadcast Services, into your marketing and communications plans? Let us develop the approach.

Website Development
Welcome to where the interaction begins. That’s because, unless website content is engaging, and designed to create a dialog, the opportunity to influence is lost. We pride ourselves in creating high-impact sites that not only offer real value to internal and external audiences, but go beyond, to enable visitors to carry on a dialog that will lead to real understanding, and sales.

Webisodes/Online Video/Podcasts
Here’s where we generate content that makes a difference. It comes back to telling a story, engaging the viewer, educating, entertaining. From our roots in broadcasting, we are uniquely equipped to apply the principles of story-telling to your site, and help you influence your key target audiences.

Multimedia News Releases
We repurpose, and so should you. One of the best ways is to take content that may have been produced for broad dissemination and adapt it for the web. And vice versa. The idea is to fully amortize work that has been created for a communications purpose, and use in all other media… with appropriate video, audio, graphics and text… to create high-impact communication.

Search Engine Optimization
The algorithms driving search engines keep evolving, and so do the techniques to optimize client content. We stay current on best practices, and apply the technology… along with a dose of creativity… to generate the exposure you’re looking for.

Issues-based Newsrooms and Microsites
The complexity and ever-changing nature of social and political issues today calls for a way to house content in an accessible, flexible and responsive manner. Welcome to issues-based newsrooms and microsites. No two are ever alike. They are entirely driven by the content, which is usually a rapidly changing portfolio of materials, and an overlay of ease-of-use on-line tools. Underlying the system is a comprehensive digital platform that shares, promotes and disseminates client positions, messages and actions to key audiences.

Armed with high-speed connectivity and a/v capability, content today can be shared over the Web, from any number of points, to any number of points. And viewers can be invited in, to listen, view and participate. The key is to package the programming in such a way that target audiences will view the offerings as a “must participate.” That’s what we do. And, of course, the content can then live on, archived on-site and as part of third-party resources.

Online Ads
They pay the bills, so they’re not going away. In point of fact, they’re just becoming more and more sophisticated, in terms of how they target who you want targeted, and do it in a way that will be engaging. That’s our goal, to create tailored online advertising creatives and programs, applying the latest techniques against your reach, frequency and timing goals, and budget.