Multimedia: Broadcast

Video and Audio News Releases
They’re tried and true… and often necessary… when you need to get out your story, and distribute it broadly, to ensure timely pick-up by key media. We will produce the piece so that it will integrate into the format and approach of the user, for maximum dissemination.

B-roll Production
How do you fit seamlessly into the formatting of the 24-hour news cycle? You provide timely material that broadcast organizations can absorb, effortlessly and with minimal revisions. That’s how we produce B-roll. Our production team has the experience to work efficiently and cost-effectively to tailor the story for on-air distribution.

Broadcast Media Tours
In the right situations, there’s nothing better than on-air, real-time spokesmanship. We prepare guests in message development and delivery techniques, and perform the requisite logistic legwork, to originate wherever appropriate, be it a studio or remote location.

Production of Live Press Events
Our experience covers the gamut, from product introductions and trade shows, tosocially and politically charged situations, throughout the US and around the world. We can originate from anywhere, at any time, with little or no notice, and beam coverage everywhere, from a local market to around the world.

Targeted Placement
Melding traditional public relations storytelling with the predictability of advertising, we can provide reach and frequency, with the credibility clients favor. We do this by tapping into the plethora of media outlets that are clamoring for content, and by preparing video storytelling that’s compelling and appropriate for the outlets’ audiences.

Sponsoring Programming/Syndicated Newsfeeds
Forum Media pioneered the use of customized video news “feeds,” and the format continues to be popular. Typically, corporations and associations will charge us with creating news content that’s aired at preset times and reaches target media at the local, regional and national levels, as appropriate.

Multicultural Broadcast Services
The Hispanic community has emerged as a massive and influential communications base, across the country. We have the tools to prepare original programming – or adapt material – to reach this market, with power and impact.

Global Distribution
The roots of our firm are set in trans-continental distribution of content, from anywhere to anywhere. We maintain that unique capability, by constantly nurturing relationships with crews and local market broadcasters who can provide professional production and uplink/downlink capabilities, literally anywhere on the planet, and do so in a timely manner.